One day, I will be one of the GREATEST fund managers!

15+ years of transferable experience
Research & analysis ➣ Investment strategies ➣ Portfolio Construction ➣  Short- Intermediate-Term Trading & Long-Term Investing

Insightful and strategic thinker with a passion of devising creative ways to beat the benchmark.
Exceptional ability to quickly access the markets and quantify opportunities and risk.

Although I have worked for different organizations, I was the individual employee who was SOLELY responsible for several awards that these organizations received – as below:


* Winning of the “No. 1 Investars – Investorside Research Excellence Award 2008” by INTEGRITY, Oct. 2008
* Ranking of Top 1/146 Best Research by INTEGRITY, in terms of “Batting Average”, Oct. 2008
* Ranking of Top 2 Best Performing Research by INVESTARS, over a 1 year trailing period, amongst 46 research firms covering 100-499 US stocks, Oct. 2008
* Ranking of Top 1/43 Best Performing Research (covering 100-499 US stocks/return of buy ratings) by INVESTARS, April 2006-April 2008

Notice: Competitors were including top fundamental research firms, i.e. Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs; And top quantitative firms, i.e.TheStreet.com Ratings, Columbine Capital and Ford Equity Research.






  • US, UK, Europe and Asia Equities Market.
  • Top-down investing
  • Contrarian trading
  • Combination of Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis & Quantitative Analysis.
  • Intermarkets (Commodities/Obligations/Equities) Analysis.
  • Alternative investment strategies (Global Macro, Equity Hedge,  Catalyst Trading etc.)

For more info: http://www.linkedin.com/in/ywyuan


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