Party faithful, your sovereign wealth fund needs you
英国《金融时报》 吉密欧 北京报道

China Investment Corp, the country’s $300bn sovereign wealth fund, this week announced its latest “worldwide” recruitment drive with 64 positions advertised.

中国3000亿美元规模的主权财富基金——中国投资公司(China Investment Corp)本周宣布了其最新的“全球”招聘活动,涉及64个岗位。

But laid-off Lehman employees shouldn’t get their hopes up unless they were born in China and – for at least some posts – are members of the Chinese Communist Party.


Given the sensitive nature of CIC’s investments around the world new recruits are expected to be very discreet and very loyal to the Chinese government, which rules out most foreign financial professionals.


The jobs on offer range from secretarial staff and human resources managers – “must be Chinese Communist Party member” – to country analyst in the international co-operation department – “must be good at keeping secrets”.


CIC is also looking for asset allocation researchers, financial analysts, credit risk analysts and hedge fund analysts as well as a deputy director for its Disciplinary Committee and Staff Supervisory Bureau to manage the fund’s “discipline education team”.


The successful candidate for that job will be a “fair and upright Chinese Communist Party Member with a precise work style and strong comprehensive awareness”.


In its recruitment notice for private equity investment managers, CIC said it was not yet formally accepting applications but is interested in résumés from anyone with investment experience in overseas real estate markets, agricultural sectors, forestry and infrastructure.


That gives a strong hint of the sectors CIC will be looking to invest in when it receives a new injection of cash – expected to be as much as $200bn – from the country’s $2,500bn in foreign exchange reserves.


The deadline for job applicants is August 9, which suggests the new money could be coming down the pipeline quite soon.