• Democrats Propose Trimming Tax Rise on Buyout Managers

    The U.S. Capitol
    Updated 1 hour ago
    A House-approved tax increase on investment managers would be trimmed, while a levy on oil companies would be quintupled under a revised jobs measure announced today by Senate Democrats.
  • Broker Fees for U.S. Stock Trading May Fall in 2010

    Updated 2 hours ago
    Declining share volume and strategies by fund managers to hold down the cost of buying and selling stock may lower Wall Street trading commissions in 2010, defying forecasts for an increase, Greenwich Associates said.
  • Lampert’s $829 Million Payout May Shield Him From Tax Increase

    Edward S. Lampert
    Updated 2 hours ago
    Billionaire Edward Lampert may have found a way to shield himself from millions of dollars in taxes under legislation that would raise levies on profits at private- equity firms.
  • Banks in `Downward Spiral’ Buying Capital in CDOs

    Professor of finance Joseph Mason
    Updated 3 hours ago
    U.S. banks are fighting to preserve the use of securities that help them appear better capitalized, even as their investments in each others’ notes perpetuate what one regulator calls a “downward spiral” of losses.