By Jesus Segarra Sobral | 12:03:20 | 24 February 2010
Swedish firm SEB Asset Management has registered its absolute return Ucits III fund, SEB Asset Selection, for sale in Spain.
The fund, managed by Hans-Olov Bornemann (interviewed here and pictured above), was originally launched in October 2006 and since the start has been a favourite pick among fund selectors in its homeland. The fund is also the Nordic region’s largest Ucits III absolute return strategy and SEB’s fastest growing fund ever. It is currently registered for sale in Spain, France, Sweden, the UK, Germany and Luxembourg.
Bornemann has invested €200,000 of his own money in it.
Since inception in October 2006 until the end of January 2010, the SEB Asset Allocation fund has returned 32.2% in euro terms compared to a 21.2% fall in the MSCI World index and a rise in the 1 month STIBOR of 10.2%.