Deutsche Bank launches two funds

Wed, 10 Jun 2009, 05:56

Deutsche Bank has launched two funds for investors – the S&P X-Alpha fund and the Zins Strategie Fund (2014).

The S&P X-Alpha fund aims to generate non-directional returns by exploiting the relative performance of value and growth indices in comparison to their respective regional equity benchmark indices in the US, Europe, Japan and UK.

The strategy aims to control risk by targeting a volatility of eight per cent per year. The fund will be available in multiple jurisdictions, is Ucits III compliant and offers daily liquidity for investors.

Manfred Schraepler, head of the funds group at Deutsche Bank, says: “Since 2009 our equity funds have seen over EUR365m of net inflows. With our latest addition to the suite, we are leveraging Deutsche Bank’s index capabilities and providing investors innovation, diversity and portfolio diversification.”

The Zins Strategie Fund (2014) allows investors to benefit from exposure to the db Sharp Trend Euro Index, an algorithmic trading strategy that allocates an investment portfolio to five different interest rate momentum strategies.

The db Sharp Trend Euro Index follows a rule-based trading strategy, with an equally weighted basket of five optimized sub-indices, three based on short term interest rates in EUR, USD and GBP and two based on interest rate spreads (USD-GDP and USD-EUR).

The fund is available in multiple European jurisdictions, is Ucits III compliant and offers investors daily liquidity.

“With the launch of the Zins Strategie fund, we are offering retail investors access to a market-neutral fixed income strategy which offers an attractive performance in both a high and low interest rate environment”, says Schraepler. “The aim of this fund is to provide investors with access to an investment strategy that can help them benefit from the fluctuating interest rate environment.”